Yannis Tarlas
Yannis Tarlas

Obituary of Yannis Tarlas

Yannis Tarlas 14, of Meridian, Idaho passed away on December 06, 2021.

All to often the end of a story becomes its identity. This is especially misleading when it comes to the end of a “Person’s” story. If all you ever do is read the last page of a book you miss so much of what it is really saying. This is the case with Yannis James Tarlas. While the end of his story is tragic and filled with sorrow, it hardly begins to scope who he was and how he touched the world around him.

“Caring” would be a better identity in this case. Yannis epitomized “Caring”. When he cared about something or someone it was full, engaged, and dedicated. Consider his relationship with is sister Icey. They were all but twins really. While he struggled often with how to show his love for her it never wavered. Like many sibling relationships even though between them there was fireworks he would protect her with all his heart.

This protective sense extended to his youngest brother Alek. They shared the creative innocence of children together. Telling stories, playing games (Video and otherwise) and simply sharing the purity of childhood. Those memories between brothers never leave and will in their case, like in many others, become a bond that transcends time, distance and the tragedy of losing Yannis too soon.

He had a similar connection to his older brother Bradley. Although they didn’t grow up together, they found a way to reconnect as they got older. That relationship overcame the circumstances of growing up in different households and flourished regardless of those challenges. Yannis was so proud of Bradley and his accomplishments. Specifically, he loved to brag about Bradley playing Collegiate football. His friends never got to hear the end of it.

But Yannis’ caring for people hardly ended there. Coming of age in the blended family, a person could see his compassion there as well. Yannis was blessed with two moms and two dads. Chance, Brad, Tavia and Casey. All of whom he held in the highest regard.  The dynamic they all shared is something to be envied. The love and work they did, and do, as a unit, is nothing short of amazing. Yannis was so proud of them. His efforts to really hear and learn from his parents displayed how deeply he cared and believed in them. This drove so much of the work that he did to be better, to grow, and to be loving. Just like them. And this stretched to his extended family. He was able to see past traditions and understand that people all around were family. This included his attachment to siblings Ash and Kevin, his cousins, his club family, his grandparents both step and natural, and so much more.

All this care made for a wonderful person. Someone who was so versatile in such a large variety of what life had to offer. His ability to take full advantage of activities like Soccer and then pivot to do the same playing a game or Pokemon. He didn’t judge one over the other. He simply sought the joy in both. Such an expanded view developed a love of a variety things creative. His interests in being a chef, an architect, an author or a video game designer show us his creative nature. This bred a brilliant mind. One that he exercised everyday by caring enough to put the work in to be the best at anything he was doing.

Caring. All of it. Yannis was a young man who cared so strong and so fierce for everything. He loved us all. He loved his homes, his animals, his sister, his brothers, his dad, his mom, his other mom, his other dad, his club family, his step siblings, his aunts, his uncles, his activities, his dreams. This is who he was, who he is. So don’t mistake his life as a tragedy for how it ended. Recognize his life for what it is. Love.

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1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
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