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Olly Koelsch

Obituary of Olly Everett Koelsch

Olly Everett Koelsch was born in Twins Falls, Idaho at St. Luke’s Hospital on December 30, 2011, thirty nine minutes after her twin sister, Ella Everett Koelsch.  A bond that was formed in the womb between she and her sister was strong at birth, and only continued to strengthen through the 7 short years they had together.  To say that Olly and Ella were just sisters, twins, or siblings would be an understatement.  They were each other’s everything.  They did not spend one day apart until they entered kindergarten when they were placed in separate classes.  Olly was a rule follower since birth.  Mommy and Daddy even called her the “mother hen” to her sister, cousins, classmates and even sometimes her parents.  We had a sign hung up in their bedroom describing what a sister is, and Olly memorized it early on and lived by those rules.  SISTER – 1. A best friend for life.  2. Player of dress up.  3. Teller of stories in the dark.  4. Keeper of secrets.  The most important person in Olly’s life was her sister and she loved Ella with her whole heart. She watched out for her, took care of her, comforted her, and was Ella’s rock.  She was the best sister anyone could ask for.


Olly was innately happy.  She always had the biggest, brightest smile on her face.  Her smile could light up a room.  She absolutely loved life, loved being alive, and doing and participating in everything that she could.  She was a natural athlete and loved swim team, golf, tennis, softball, dance and gymnastics. She loved to dance and sing at all times.  Every time we would get in the car and turn on the radio, she would know the words to every song.  She was always making up her own dances and dance moves and would tell Mommy and Daddy “hey check out my new dance moves”.  She was such a joy to be around.  She made her family very happy and proud, and complete.


Olly was the sweetest girl. She loved God from an early age.  At the age of two she would tell you that God loved you.  Once, while playing at the park on the monkey bars she could not stop talking about Jesus.  She was baptized at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Idaho Falls on May 18, 2013, and received her First Holy Communion at St. John’s Cathedral in Boise on May 4, 2019.


Olly was very bright and inquisitive, and loved school. She loved learning, and especially loved every one her teachers.  She was a perfectionist.  Her letters and numbers had to be perfect.  While coloring, she would pay special attention to detail to always stay in the lines.  However, that perfectionism did not apply to her bedroom, especially under her bed where she kept all of her treasures.  Olly learned to love birds thanks to her first grade teacher, Mrs. Brooks.  Everywhere we went she would be naming birds or making certain bird calls.  We would always ask her what bird this was or what bird that was and she always had an answer.  Whether it was real or made up we will never know.


Olly was a silly girl but also very sensitive.  She always wanted to please Mommy and Daddy and never wanted to disappoint us.  We did not have to ask her very often to do something twice.  She was very helpful and was her Mommy’s right hand girl.  Whether it was baking with Ammie or Grandma or folding laundry with Daddy, she always wanted to help.  Olly made Mommy and Daddy’s job of being a parent easy.  She was a dream daughter and always did what was asked of her with that one of a kind smile on her face.  It breaks our hearts that we only had her in our lives for 7 short years, and that we will never get to see her live up to her full potential.  She would have been one remarkable artist, musician, or teacher.  Mommy, Daddy, and Ella, "love her with our hearts."

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Funeral Mass

11:00 am
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
St Paul's Catholic Center
1915 W. University Drive
Boise, Idaho, United States