Claude  Joyce

Claude "Clint" Joyce

1931 - 2018

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Obituary of Claude "Clint" Joyce

To my family, friends and acquaintances, I take this opportunity to wish you all a fond and final farewell.

I had a good life and was fortunate to enjoy a wide diversity of living experiences. I was born in the hospital at Lordsburg, New Mexico (now a McDonald restaurant) in 1931. I lived in a batten homestead in Animas Valley, New Mexico, then moved to Stanton, Arizona where we lived in a tent and placer mined for a living. Next we lived on a Diamond A cattle ranch at Hereford, Arizona where I began school in a one room schoolhouse. My Dad was a cook and I always had a pocket full of beef jerky and pocket change given to me by the cowboys.

We moved to Douglas, Arizona where I graduated from high school. My boyhood was exciting and interesting and I always had at least one job and frequently two at the same time. I did yard work, sold candy bars to soldiers on troop trains during WWII, sat pins in a bowling alley, peeled spuds in a restaurant, worked in a soda fountain, shined shoes, delivered both a morning and evening newspaper, worked as a janitor in a school, worked in a service grocery store stocking shelves, waiting on customers and delivering groceries to their homes. I still found time to own 2 motor scooters, a motor bike and 3 cars, and fall in love with my future wife before I turned 17 and left for the Navy.

I attended Storekeeper school after boot camp and was assigned to Navy Commissary stores on Guam and later on Kwajalein Island. My last two years were spent aboard a destroyer, the USS Buck DD-761 during the Korean conflict. I married my wife, Wanda, my high school sweetheart on December 7th in Tucson, and took up residence at my home port in San Diego. Upon discharge, I worked the 4 to midnight shift as an IBM Tabulating Machine Operator and supervisor at the Naval Supply Depot while attending San Diego State University where I received my BS in Accounting. Our son, Cliff and daughter, Lani were born while I was enrolled at San Diego State.

In 1959, I joined Price Waterhouse in San Francisco as a management consultant where I worked with a wide variety of assignments including petroleum companies, motion picture industry, labor union, hospitals, schools, distributors; a cotton producer, banks and electronic and computer companies. I joined Albertson’s as Director of Management Information Systems and later became a Senior Vice President. I had the privilege of guiding their information system during a dynamic period of growth at Albertson’s and during an era of rapid technological change, and was a recipient of the Award for Achievement in Managing Information Technology.

Upon retirement, we built a new home on a tributary of the Boise River which allowed us great joy in observing nature and pursuing a variety of hobbies including yard work, genealogy research, Boise State Football and savoring a lifetime of good memories.

I joined the Masonic Lodge in San Diego and later became a Shriner at El Korah and was in the Players unit for many years. I also held memberships in Association for System Management, Food Marketing Institute AMIS group, Rotary, Toastmasters and Civitan.

I was truly blessed to have had such a varied set of experiences and see the technological and profound changes in world affairs during the golden era in which I lived. The greatest treasure however, was my

family and the number of friends and associates I had the good fortune to come in contact with during my lifetime.

I am survived by my loving wife, Wanda of 66 years; son, Cliff Joyce and his wife, Karen; daughter, Lani Joyce; and grandchildren Ashley Joyce, Chelsea Joyce, Riley Joyce, Tim Denniston, and Sean Denniston; plus 6 great grandchildren. I was preceded in death by my grandson, Tony Denniston.