Cullen/Sanchez Family

Jana Kristin Cullen          September 23, 1975 – July 8, 2019

Ryker Quaid Sanchez     March 8, 2007 – July 8, 2019

Rylee Jean Sanchez        May 19, 2010 – July 8, 2019

Jana, Ryker and Rylee were all born and raised in Boise, ID.  Jana Cullen is survived by her parents, Les and Susan Cullen; Ryker and Rylee Sanchez are survived by their father, Tony Sanchez.  All are survived by loved ones, extended family, friends, and neighbors.

Jana was an amazing woman known for her warm smile and positive outlook.  She saw blessings in every situation.  She was a respiratory therapist for 18 years and loved her work.  She never rushed over her patients, whether young or old, and loved serving whoever needed her.  She always put her children first, spread love everywhere she went, and lived life to the fullest.

Ryker loved basketball, football, Xbox, music and animals. He had a sweet nature that drew people in and was never afraid to be in front of a crowd or ask if he could join in on the basketball court with whoever was there first.  He was quite the comedian.  Ryker’s fearlessness gave his father strength he didn’t know he had.

Rylee was an artist, she recently wrote her own book, loved cheerleading, X-Box, road trips and making videos to gain followers and likes online.  She was sassy, with a silly sense of humor and sparkling blue eyes that melted many hearts.  She loved to make funny faces.  Rylee’s excitement bubbled out of her about life and as she absorbed her surroundings.  It was infectious.

Their cats, Gizzy and Cookie, were loved dearly, brought joy into their lives daily, and are still with them.  Rylee put Gizzy through so much, packing her everywhere, but Gizzy adored her.

Words cannot express how amazing Jana, Ryker, and Rylee were and the impact they had on us every day.  Our hearts have been crushed but we will continue to celebrate their precious lives, honor their memories through our faith, and remember the happiness they brought to so many lives.  They would be honored to know how many hearts they touched.

The family would like to say thank you to the fire fighters, first responders and hospital employees (Jana knew exactly what you were facing) that tried to revive our loved ones.  If you would like to make a gift to honor them, instead of flowers, please make donations to a charity of your choice or to the charities that the family held close to their hearts (a list can be found on the Summers Funeral Home website). We would also ask that you do as many acts of kindness as you can every day in their memory.

Memorial Services will be held on Saturday, July 20th, 2019, at 11:00 am at Ustick Baptist Church, 14301 W. McMillan Rd., Boise.

Recommended ways to remember and honor these most precious lives:

Jana Kristin Cullen      September 23, 1975 – July 8, 2019

Ryker Quaid Sanchez  March 8, 2007 – July 8, 2019

Rylee Jean Sanchez      May 19, 2010 – July 8, 2019

1.  Acts of kindness at every opportunity

2.  Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research
802 W Bannock St LP105, Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 208-342-6065

3.  American Red Cross to volunteer or make donations locally or nationally

4.  Boise Burnout Fund, Boise Fire Department

5.  Wish Granters for adults with terminal illnesses
Boise, ID 83706

6.  Accel Therapies for assistance with and/or resources for those on the autism spectrum
Phone: 208-358-8107
One path:  Resources>Community Resources

7.  Idaho Humane Society to volunteer or see how you can help pets
4775 W Dorman St, Boise, ID 83705
Phone: (208) 342-3508

8.  Police fundraisers or memorial funds

9.  Salvation Army

10.  Woman & Children’s Alliance